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What We Do / For You

Ten Dot Performance Solutions is all about purposeful performance...a higher level of performance that leads to a higher degree of success.  Ten Dot offers a way for people to find their purpose, and to live it more fully day-to-day using their natural talents and the methods we introduce in our workshops.  We're after "the sweet spot", the place where performance magic happens, and we want to help you, your team, and your organization find yours!

If you are  ...

  • feeling under pressure to drive higher levels of productivity from fewer resources
  • struggling to motivate yourself and the team you lead
  • disconnected from your boss and where s/he is trying to lead you
  • wishing for a simpler, more purposeful quality of life
  • enjoying success, but striving for even more from what you've got

Ten Dot may be able to help!

Our current roster includes...

  • Facilitator Led Workshops
  • Customized Programs
  • Employee Surveys and Goal Setting
  • Meeting Facilitation
  • Team Health & Effectiveness
  • Leadership Development
  • Coaching For Individuals, Leaders, and Teams

Connect with us today to find your ‘Sweet Spot’.