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We are grateful for the relationships we are privileged to enjoy with our customers. These are some of their thoughts about us and the work and service we provide.

From Shauna G, a Law Student (about a Sweet Spot)


  "Hey Ten Dot fabulous ladies!!


 Thanks so much for all your newsletters, but especially this most recent one.  It sparked a memory for me of a children's story that I love called "God Inbetween" about a group of people who send their most wise and strong people out to "find God" and where God dwells, only to discover that it is in the journey, the spaces inbetween, where God dwells.  It's a story that has always spoken so deeply to me, and I'm so grateful to have that memory refreshed from reading your reflections of space and connection.

 Keep going, you marvelous women!  You totally rock!”

From Nicki D, an HR Professional (about a Senior Leaders Retreat) ...

 "To Susan and Sharon, I truly thank you for helping our Executive Committee  feel confident in our surroundings, that we could address the reality that we are currently experiencing, and giving us the tools in order to change this reality to a positive outcome."


From Carolyn B (Networking Leader) about our Building Healthy Teams workshop ...

"Thanks to both of you to take time out of your schedule to speak to the Pieces of 7 group in Calgary. In such a short time you demonstrated to the group your passion about Healthy Teams. I wish you continued success.  I know that your enthusiasm will carry Ten Dot far."

From Deborah P (Financial Management) about our November Sweet Spot ...

“I can’t thank you enough for sending this to me. Wow, this is so powerful, it has made me really think this morning.  I believe you have just taken me to another level. Thank you very much.” 







From Ruth Ann (St. George's Women Institute) about our public speaking abilities ...

"We enjoyed having you speak at our meeting; your talk was very well organized. That was generous of you to donate your cheque to Servants Anonymous. We look forward to hearing you speak again in the future."

From Robin (Hospitality Executive) about our customized training sessions ...

"They are true professionals that understand how to build and lead successful teams. Their focused sessions (are) always a very positive and enriching experience and in some cases a genuinely transformative experience. You will carry your experiences from their course with you for a very long time; it will, to some degree, change your understanding of humanity." 

From Kristen about a visualizing session...

"The evening I spent "mapping" my year with the guidance of the gals of Ten Dot Performance was well worth it.  You'd think at the age of 50 something I'd have figured out how to set and meet goals!  Well, I actually do, but Ten Dot got me thinking way bigger and smarter and weeks later I'm still feeling confident I will be ticking off all the things I want to accomplish this year.  Not to mention I had so much fun doing it!"