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Asking Instead of Making

Not Getting What We Need? How About Trusting Enough To Ask?

How can trusting enough to ask for help make our world a better place?

This clip gives us one example, as we see how a woman's ability to overcome the fear of asking for help led to one of the most successful on-line “David and Goliath”crowd-funding endeavours ever undertaken, and the beginnings of a New Order and better connection between artists and fans around the globe built on trust.

How did this street performer beat the odds, turn her world upside down, and get the kind of help she needed to be successful?  Simple ... she asked for it.

Using social media, during face-to-face encounters, and by enlisting the help of her most avid followers, Amanda clarified why she needed her fans’ help as she placed her trust in them, and asked for their active participation as her music producing partners.  There were no demands for payment ... just from-the-heart expressions of appreciation for anyone inclined to help out, with the added bonus of potentially taking part in something that could change the world in a positive way.

Asking ... it seems simple enough.

And yet asking for help can be hard.  The very act of asking equates for some to feelings of shame, a sign of weakness, a sense of inadequacy or lack of talent, and a perceived vulnerability that can be extremely unsettling, uncomfortable, and downright scary.    A fear of being thought of as a failure, particularly for those of us in leadership roles, can be a powerful stumbling block to overcome. 

Why?  Because asking requires trust.  But if we can trust enough to ask, we open up the opportunity to connect.  And when we connect, with something that has meaning for us or for someone we care about, chances are we’ll be compelled and excited to take part.  (For an inspiring look at the power of connection, watch this clip about an incredible bond between man and gorilla ... heart-warming!).

Trusting enough to ask ... for help, for a few moments of someone’s time, for directions to the nearest Italian restaurant, if someone remembers you ... relies on an individual’s ability to rise above the fear factor.  How?  By knowing that asking is actually a sign of strength. Here’s what asking informed questions communicates about us ...

1.       Purpose Clarity 
Knowing why we’re asking what we’re asking shows a depth of understanding and focus that can only come from having a firm grasp on what the     meaning and significance of taking the risk is, and the certainty that others will consider it worthy of their investment if we're asking for it.

2.       Comprehensive Line-of-Sight
When we’re specific in how we ask for help, we show we are paying attention to the alignment between the “now”, where we want to go, how we might want to get there as a collective team, and why we should even be bothered to pool our resources.

3.       High Degree of Personal Commitment
Asking questions lets others know we remain not only dedicated to the endeavour, but confident enough that others will find their involvement worthwhile once trust is extended, and the ask is made. 

4.       Detailed Execution Plan
We know what competencies and resources we’re lacking, and we are able to ask others to contribute their own unique talents in the best way possible in order to be successful.  Talent efficiency matters!

5.       Quantified Value and Return-On-Energy Metrics
Asking questions relating to our metrics lets others know what success looks like, and shows we know how everyone’s contributions will enhance our ability to achieve it.

6.       Meaningful Celebrations For Sustaining Success
We show we understand the importance of linking outcomes with longer-term, and often more strategic cultural aspirations, through the questions we ask related to recognizing and celebrating progress, and how we plan our celebrations to help maintain best practice implementation and performance over time.
So, the next time you’re wondering how to get what you need, try trusting yourself enough to ask for help.   And if you need guidance on how to make the ask, Ten Dot is committed to helping individuals, leaders, and teams develop a level of trust that accelerates performance, drives higher levels of engagement, achieves success, AND allows for sustained best practice contributions, just by asking the right questions from a place of trust.  Get in touch and find out more!
Stay open, be curious, trust enough in yourself and others to ask for help, and enjoy the double rush of returning the favour!


Building Resilience - One Peak at a Time

"It's only mid-February, and already I'm off course"

If these words were spoken by you, would you be saying them with joy or frustration?

Most of us have experienced moments when no matter how mindful we’ve been, we just don’t feel like we’re getting anywhere close to where we'd hoped to be.  The very act of being mindful makes us even more aware of how "off-track" we are, and the temptation to pack up our frustrations and head for the comforts of base camp can be hard to resist.  Even for those of us that may have reached our first peak, we have an urge to hunker down after all that trekking through the valley, and hiking over dale, and tripping over rocks on our way up to the top.  What's wrong with sitting for awhile and enjoying our accomplishments, anyways?  Just look at that view!

Yes, we say, let's enjoy that view!  We'll all breathe deeply, take it all in, dance the happy dance of “We Did It!”, exchange high-five’s and belly laughs with our traveling companions, and we won’t forget to take that group shot in front of the setting sun.  There’s nothing like reaching the peak, and celebrating is a must.

But after the music has faded out, and the balloons have all flown, and we’re down to the last piece of gluten-free granola bar, what do we have left?  One peak, one perspective ... and a landscape of infinite mountaintops stretching as far as our eyes can see.

This is where resilience lives. 

Think back to our opening statement ... when we see this landscape of infinite mountaintops stretching out in front of us, are we frustrated with how many peaks we see?  Would we prefer our "singular peak perspective" and the comforts of the familiar?  Or would we entertain the notion of climbing back down the mountain peak we’re on (we know the way now ... we'll come back sometime), tripping our way through the valleys and over the boulders knowing that going "off-track" will lead to even more amazing peaks and perspectives?  When's the last time your team took an unplanned detour?  Did you celebrate your resilience, or did things not go so well? 

Ten Dot believes in resilience.  Building our capacity for resilience is what helps us stay the course, overcome problems, and evolve into wiser, stronger human beings better equipped for what the future holds. It’s where virtues like patience, and possibility, and positivity take flight, and where the magic of accomplishment and contribution can recharge our energies for the next leg of our trip.

Ten Dot would love to be your tour guides.  We’re “ready-set-trek” with our “Peaks and Perspectives” workshop for individuals, leaders, and teams to be more fully prepared for, and excited by the detours and side trips that our journeys toward success can often take us on.  We’ll help you plan for your trip, pack for your trip, AND we’ll help you find creative ways to reach your destination regardless of the perils/possibilities we may find along the way.  Let’s build some resilience together!

Still needing some inspiration?  To hear more about the power of multiple perspectives, and how to deal with the reality that we can only “reach the top” if we’re fully prepared to walk down in the valley first, we invite you to view this video clip on Ping Fu, CEO and Co-Founder of Geomagic.  Her story and use of the mountain peak to illustrate her incredible journey shows the value that comes from taking roads less travelled, and retracing our steps perhaps a few times so we can experience even richer lives of infinite possibility.  It's like a virtual kaleidoscope of viewpoints to inform our steps!

Celebrate your detours, keep on trekking, watch your resilience (and wisdom) grow, and enjoy those views!

Sharon and Susan


Gratitude Shout Out

A heart felt thank you to the amazing women who participated in Girl Jam 2013 last night. It was an amazing night full of inspiration and enlightenment for us!


Time-Outs and Mindfulness - Mid-Month Sweet Spot

When was the last time you spent ten minutes doing nothing? 

In this busy world we live in, the thought of sitting still to simply take in the world around us would be seen by many as a horrible waste of a precious and irreplaceable commodity ... time.  Forget thinking about life ... we’ve got too much to do!  We run ourselves ragged, from here to there and back again, doing our best to tick the boxes off of our “to do” lists until we land back in our beds at the end of the day, exhausted and often feeling like failures because we didn’t accomplish anywhere near what we had hoped.

But what if we stopped the madness?  What if instead of “fire-aim-ready”, we actually spent a few moments at the start of each day, thinking about our lives and what’s most important to us, so we could make better and more informed decisions about where we want to go?  What if we gave ourselves time to reflect upon what happened yesterday, and used that information to guide our choices going forward?  What would our lives be like?  How much more satisfied would we be, equipped with the clarity of our purpose, and the knowledge that we’re on track with a plan that helps us build realities that we can’t wait to get back to?

Mindfulness matters.  Living in the present, and being “in the moment”, makes a difference.  And a few minutes of mindful reflection, every day, can help us be more intentional about how we choose to spend our time.  We may still be running from here to there and back again, but at least we’ll have the comfort of knowing our energies are being put to the best use possible ... because we’ve thought about what matters most, we’ve planned our approach, and we’ve crafted a plan that gets us closer to where our aspirations want to take us, with enough energy to actually make it happen.

For more on the value of ten-minute time-outs, take a look at this video clip featuring meditation guru Andy Puddicombe.

It’s a new year, and the time has never been more perfect for being mindful.  So, take the next ten minutes and give Ten Dot a call ... we’d love to help you, your team members, and your leaders discover the power of mindfulness, and the magnificence that’s possible for you as you create your best year yet!

Ready ... aim ... FIRE!!!


January Sweet Spot - Bring on 2013!

Happy 2013 from the Ten Dot Chicks.

You have to love the beginning of a New Year, the chance to renew, rejuvenate and resolve where you invest your time, talent and resources.

We are big believers in the power of potential and intention. In our travels we have created and coached a goal setting tool called a ‘SWEET Plan’ with both individuals and teams alike. The premise is simple …set your sights on what you want to achieve, know your ‘why’, determine what steps will need to happen to execute the strategy, frame out your markers for evaluation and assign some dates.

Strategy – analyze your current environment and the factors that may influence this goal. The strategy needs to be specific and clearly define where your intention lies.

Why – An often missed step, this is a critical one. Why do you want to achieve this strategy? What difference will it make it your life, in the lives of others? How does it serve your nest possible life?

Execution – These are the measurable steps you will take to achieve your goal. It is the ‘what’ and ‘how’ behind the ‘why’. These are the measurable commitments to achieving this strategy.

Evaluation – We have all heard the saying that what gets measured gets done and this component of the process is where you set your markers for each execution step. It is a time to celebrate or potentially re-evaluate.

Timeline – Provide each step in the execution section with a ‘due date’ – that is where the rubber really hits the road!

One of the first opportunities the Ten Dot Chicks have to achieve our SWEET Plan is a session we are holding in Cambridge, Ontario on January 17th, 2013 – Girl Jam 2013. We are bringing together 100 women with the intention that a four-hour investment of time will translate into feeling more inspired, energized, excited, happy and grateful for the gifts we have as women. Women, Wisdom and Living Woo-Hoo – we can’t think of a better way to start off a New Year.

We would love to help you put your SWEET Plan in action and have you join us at Girl Jam 2013 – contact us at to make it a reality!