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Mindfulness and Perspective: We Are What We Think

Greetings, Ten Dot readers!

Thanks to everyone who read our January Sweet Spot on Undeniable Truths.  We’re happy to report we’ve received over 50 new tidbits of wisdom from our readers so far, and that our list is being shared with others who can appreciate a good mindful moment to get their day started.

This month, we’re continuing our quest to change the world one mindful act at a time by focusing on mindfulness and perspective, and the power of what we think to determine our experience of reality.

Take a look at this frequently viewed clip  While you’re watching it, think of someone you know who tends to find hardship, and bad luck, and people out to get them around every turn.  Consider how a slight shift in perspective has the potential to take something that could be considered a hardship (where’s the escalator?), and transforms it into something fascinating, and fun, and even more likely to be achieved because of the enjoyment factor.  What would the impact be if people expected good fortune, and kind deeds, and the best of themselves and of those around them? 

At Ten Dot, we believe we are what we think.  And it’s what we think that determines our perspective, and how we view the world around us.  If our glass is perceived to be half empty, it is; alternatively, if we perceive it to be half full, then that will be our experience of reality.  We can’t control what’s going on around us, but we can control how we perceive and respond to it.  More on that next month!

Stay curious, think positive, and be mindful!


MAPping Maidens!

On January 26th we had the phenomenal pleasure of hosting a MAP (Mindful Aspirations Plan) session with a group of 26 diverse and remarkable women. The intent was to set goals with purpose in mind and then create a visual representation of these goals. By all accounts it was time well spent with an equal amount of introspection and excitement. Our gratitude to Kelly Guker for being our official photographer. We look forward to conducting a similiar session with your team!


Imagine 'work' being a place where you felt more motivated, engaged, and connected than when you arrived? What if life was full of 'I get to' versus 'I have to'? The premise of the 'Me to We' movement is bringing people together and there are thousands of videos and clips to share...we chose just one. Enjoy your day!


We are live!  Welcome to our new website. We are very excited to share with you our vision and how we can help your business be even more successful in 2011!  More news and posts to come in the upcoming weeks.

Sharon and Susan

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