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Relationships Matter

Sweet Summer ...

We love this season where the weather and pace of life seem gentler, kinder. As is often the case for the Ten Dot Chicks, our experiences and reading lists collide. At this moment in time, we have recently returned from a remarkable trip to the newly re-imagined Algonquin Resort.

The trip to St. Andrews By-The-Sea in New Brunswick was the culmination of over a year of collaborative and creative work. It was the ideal piece of business for us for a multitude of reasons – perhaps most significantly the aligned value of relationships. Relationships are the motivating factor of our why as women, and as business owners. Working with people to achieve a goal, and having the honour of seeing the ‘lightbulb’ come on as connections are being made, are inspiring to say the least.

We knew when we first started Ten Dot more than three years ago that this would be our Sweet Spot – connecting while connecting relationally. Few things provide the same professional satisfaction. Here comes the collision with our reading lists and a book called “Start With Why” by Simon Sinek. We believe this premise of starting with why is the very mindset that provides us the opportunity to wake up every day feeling blessed for our organization, and the leaders it exposes us to across the country (a very special shout out to the newly formed ‘Algonquin Five’).

Having the opportunity to contribute to The Algonquin Resort’s cultural evolution epitomizes how successful connecting relationships, purpose and clarity can be. Through a series of small, important, and mindful moments we helped craft a week that, while not flawless, was perfect in the relationships established. We know there are other ways we could spend our professional lives. But we also realize that at the core of who we are as business owners, the realm of relationships and purpose is exactly our why, and where we are meant to be. To connect with others, to work together to create something of value, to collectively celebrate and give thanks for the opportunity to contribute in a meaningful way ... ain’t life grand!

To those we have had the privilege of connecting with ... thank you. To those we have yet to connect with, we look forward to changing the world with you ... one mindful connection at a time.

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