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Workshop & Seminar / Summary

Sweet Spot Workshop Series

  • A wide range of workshops and seminars available to individuals and teams in any industry

Customized Workshops

  • Sessions tailor-made to address specific client needs and issues

Employee Surveys

  • Customized data collection and processes to connect teams and organizations

Meeting Facilitation

  • Design and facilitation to allow complete focus by attendees on meeting agenda issues

Team Health, Effectiveness and Relationship Building

  • Leveraging the collective talents, connectivity, and contribution potential of each individual team member to achieve more together than as sole contributors

Leadership Development

  • Learning geared towards recognizing the importance of the leader’s role in achieving success

Human Capital Management Strategies

  • Providing ‘cradle to grave’ solutions/consultation to help customers solve contemporary people issues

Coaching For Individuals, Leaders, and Teams

  • One-on-one personalized coaching to drive higher levels of success

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