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Who We Are / Overview

Our vision at Ten Dot Performance Solutions is to change the world one mindful act at a time. For us that means that we are

• Intentional...about what we do and how we do it most effectively within the environments we operate within
• Purposeful...going beyond the “what” and “how” to really understanding the “why” for sustainable success

• Hopeful...about the future, and our ability to choose a positive mindset in order to lead the quality of life we all crave as human beings

Our organizational values have evolved over more than a decade and a half, and include ...

* Rhythm

* Relationships

* Truth

* Outcomes

* Sustainability

* Possibility

Please check out our personal biographies to learn more about the Principals of Ten Dot Performance Solutions.

We believe in being an active part of the larger community and “showing our heart”. As such, 10% of our net proceeds as a company will be shared with 2 remarkable organizations.

ABC Life Literacy is a Canadian non-profit organization that equips Canadians with the literacy skills they require to live fully engaged lives.

The SA Foundation is a Canadian non-profit organization that internationally helps women, and their children, who have been (or have the risk of being) victims of human trafficking. It is a social justice issue of epidemic proportions.

We encourage you to learn more about these organizations and to “show your heart”.